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In between sunken ships four performers are waiting for their crossing. Intrigues and manipulations are happening on a daily basis. Only the own perception is measure. Old, conservative values are under pressure; affective closeness is opposed to clinic distance.

In strongly styled images this dance theatre performance puts down reality as a subjective construction. In colorfull and spherical spaces the performers act out contrasting actions on each other: actions of oppression and depression, cruelty and show of force. It’s a performace about judgement and the desire for finding out the truth. Oppressed emotions intrude and explode in a psychologically charged show post-punk style.

Concept & Choreography: Kristel van Issum, Music composer: Arthur van der Kuip, Set design: Paul van Weert, Created with & Performed by: Tobias M. Draeger, Sarah Lutz, Lucie Petrušová & Michael Watts

‚In a T.r.a.s.h.-typical high tempo four performers – driven by the blistering compositions of Arthur van der Kuip – lead the audience in a downward spiral of boredom. Society as a disgusting monster. The dancers dive deep into dark feelings and convincingly reflect these feelings. Playful they fight boredom and take the hopelessness out on each other. Research into extremes, violent and perverse. Perfectly balanced they take the audience into the deepest dephts of their souls.‘
Brabants Dagblad, Joris van Laak

09.28.13 – Theater De NWE Vorst, Tilburg (openb. repetitie)
10.02.13 – Theaters Tilburg, (première NL)
10.03.13 – Theater Kikker, Utrecht
10.04.13 – Theater Kikker, Utrecht
10.10.13 – LUX, Nijmegen
10.12.13 – Korzo, Den Haag
10.30.13 – Chassé, Breda
11.01.13 – Stadsschouwburg, Arnhem
11.08.13 – Rotterdamse Schouwburg,
11.12.13 – Theater Bellevue , Amsterdam
11.13.13 – Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam
11.14.13 – Ins Blau, Leiden
11.28.13 – Theater a/h Vrijthof/AINSI, Maastricht
11.30.13 – Verkadefabriek, ’s-Hertogenbosch
12.10.13 – Toneelschuur, Haarlem